Real Food for Kids SNAP Ambassador Program

Real Food for Kids SNAP Enrollment Ambassadors

Real Food for Kids SNAP Ambassadors are community members trained to work alongside Real Food for Kids and the Arlington Department of Human Services** at SNAP Enrollment Clinics and Outreach Events providing information and assisting eligible residents in applying for SNAP benefits.

SNAP, or SNAP-EBT, is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that provides benefits to low-income individuals and families to supplement their grocery budgets to purchase healthy foods. Formerly known as Food Stamps, SNAP recently expanded to reach more eligible individuals and families and reduce food insecurity.

Community members can certify as SNAP Ambassadors by taking a one-hour self-paced, online training. This training covers:

  • What is SNAP and Who is Eligible
  • Eligibility Expansion Update
  • Facts and Myths About SNAP: Addressing Misinformation
  • How SNAP Benefits are Issued
  • Where SNAP Benefits Can Be Used and What They Can Buy
  • Ways to Apply for SNAP and What Documentation is Needed
  • Eligibility for Other Benefits

Following the training, participants complete a short quiz to be certified as SNAP Ambassadors. A SNAP Ambassador Quick Reference Guide is available to download following the training.

Opportunities to volunteer at SNAP Enrollment Clinics or in other public settings are communicated to Ambassadors as they are scheduled. Bilingual speakers are highly sought (Spanish, Indo-European, and Asian/Pacific Island speakers).

Click here to access the SNAP Ambassador Training.

Helping Eligible Arlington Residents Enroll

Only 42% of eligible Arlington residents currently receive SNAP benefits. Recent changes to eligibility and enrollment will enable more Virginia residents to safely apply for benefits, access greater amounts of healthy foods, and reduce nutrition insecurity for themselves and their families.

Questions, please contact Mary Porter.